Steel Smokin | Bespoke, Custom-Made Steel Grills, Griddles, Planchas, and Grates for Barbecues and Kamodo BBQ Ovens
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Welcome to Steel Smokin

High quality bespoke cookware and grillware

At Steel Smokin we blend our craftsmanship and experience from years in the steel industry with our passion for authentic barbecue cooking to bring you the best quality cook and grillware at an affordable price.

We pride ourselves on providing products you won't find anywhere else, including fully bespoke design services and personalised products made exclusively for you.

As Featured On BBQ Life UK

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We're delighted that our steel products are regularly featured on BBQ Life UK, the only YouTube channel dedicated to the Aldi Kamado barbecue.

About Us

Steel Smokin is a manufacturer and supplier of custom-made steel grill grates for barbecues, kamado ovens, and other cooking equipment.

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