Steel Smokin | Bespoke, Custom-Made Steel Grills, Griddles, Planchas, and Grates for Barbecues and Kamodo BBQ Ovens

About Us

Gavin Ball

Steel Smokin Founder

Gavin Ball has over a decade of experience in the steel industry. Around ten years ago he starting selling T316 steel offcuts to the marine industry, breweries, and hobbyist steel workers.

In 2018, fuelled by his passion for cooking outdoors with fire and charcoal, he decided to buy the Aldi Kamado Grill and that was the start of Steel Smokin.

With his considerable experience working with steel, the ideas took off from there, starting with the replacement heat deflector and pizza steel, moving on to the half moon steel, the Fever Tree custom grill, and lots of football/rugby logos.

After that, Gavin branched out and started offering a personalised service, creating custom grills to customers’ own requirements where possible.

Now Gavin and Steel Smokin produces custom steels for a range of DIY BBQers, restaurants, and some special commissions (no names revealed!)

Gavin also works with some of the best offset smokers suppliers out there which is an exciting and expanding market.

Recently Gavin has started selling his own charcoal on the Norfolk coast. It is stocked by independent farm shops and camping sites.

About Us

Steel Smokin is a manufacturer and supplier of custom-made steel grill grates for barbecues, kamado ovens, and other cooking equipment.

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